Here's the scoop about me. 

My career has been dedicated to helping people find clarity, confidence and peace so they can feel better about themselves and live more fulfilling lives.  


I am committed to supporting people to be informed consumers so they make wise choices and be empowered in whatever process they find themselves in. 

I've worked as a dispute resolution consultant /mediator and coach in the following industries: colleges and universities; hospital and health care; government services; non profits; small businesses and with entrepreneurs. 


My academic credentials include: ICF Certified Executive Coach (CEC); Chartered Mediator (C.Med.); Master of Social Work (MSW); Certificate in Conflict Management and Certified Threat Assessment Professional (CTAP).


For as long as I can remember, I've been deeply curious about human behavior and how people get stuck in situations and relationships that leave them feeling burdened and unfulfilled.  I have worked with individuals, couples, families and organizations to help them overcome conflict and learn new ways of being. I have created my own comprehensive tookit, which are the REAL SOLUTIONS 4 LIFE. These tools really work. My goal is always the same: to help people get relief from their present challenges by resolving conflicts and learning skills to create sustainable change in their life and business. 

I would welcome the opportunity to help you do the same.