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Libby Thorpe

Retail Manager

"Diane is brilliant at getting to the core issue fast. Her solution focused approach enabled me to make progress quickly without getting bogged down in things that really didn't matter. I love her approach and her energy!"

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Bernadette Simone RDH

CEO Prestige Dental Hygiene Care

"Diane has a contagious enthusiasm that will pull you through whatever challenges you have. She is very practical and over delivered beyond my expectations. The business tools she offered in our sessions were immensely helpful in assisting me to make some needed changes & streamline my management operations."

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Donna Rawlin

Former Associate Dean Mohawk College

" In my experiences with Diane in mediations, or managing conflict situations, she quickly gains the trust of the parties and that's what makes it work. She has an excellent ability to contain the situation, relate to people so they feel supported and bring everyone forward. She is fast thinker who cuts to the chase and offers pragmatic strategy to get people to solutions." 


Anthony Edward Stark

Student & Business Owner

"Diane has as much compassion as insight. She was tremendously helpful in paving a way for me to be successful through helping to modify my perspective so I could stay focused on what I wanted instead of current conditions and triggers that invited me to get lost in old patterns. She did not judge or label me. She only held the possibility of my success instead, and with her support, I got there."  

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Richard Wiggers

Associate Dean Mohawk College

I have worked with Diane in a number of different capacities for more than three years. In that time I have only known her to be a great collaborator and mediator, and very judicious in her assessment and resolution of potential conflict situations. I would recommend her to anyone seeking advice or counselling.

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