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Free Life Satisfaction Assessment Tool

Here’s a quick tool to assess your current levels of wellbeing.

Simply answer how true these statements are to you?

Rate yourself on these statements on a scale from 1 to 10. 

(1 = least true; 10 = most true)

Rate 1 to 10

I am happy with my current Job.

I get paid doing what I love.

I deserve abundance in my life.

I have the skills and talents to provide value to others.

I can be successful and still have balance in my life.

I have positive loving relationships that inspire me and add value to my life.

I am working on the vision I have for my ‘ideal self’ and seeing results

I feel supported on my path to success.

I am making more and more money each year.

Finances don’t cause stress in my family life.

Finances don’t cause stress in my social life.

I am honouring what I need to do to be healthy.

I can influence others to get results while keeping the relationship strong.

I can manage conflict effectively so it doesn’t trigger me with negative emotions or negative behaviors.

I have repeated thoughts that make me feel sad or ineffective.

Thanks for submitting! 

Want to discuss your results? Book in for a free 30 minute coaching call. 

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