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Here's the scoop about me. 

My career has been dedicated to helping people find clarity, confidence and peace so they can feel better about themselves and live more fulfilling lives.  


I am committed to supporting people to be informed consumers so they make wise choices and be empowered in whatever process they find themselves in. 

I've worked as a dispute resolution consultant /mediator and coach in the following industries: colleges and universities; hospital and health care; government services; non profits; small businesses and with entrepreneurs. 


My academic credentials include: ICF Certified Executive Coach (CEC); Chartered Mediator (C.Med.); Master of Social Work (MSW); Certificate in Conflict Management and Certified Threat Assessment Professional (CTAP).

What I believe

Conflict is a call for unity but most people dont see it this way. They think its about rights and wrongs.


At its core, conflict is an opportunity for a profound, transformative experience because it almost always involves your heart. 

We care about how we feel and how others see and feel us. This is just part of the human experience. Sometimes we care too much, and sometimes not enough.

Unpacking conflict from your life and learning how to navigate the internal and external conflict you find on your path is one of life's required skills. 

When we learn to deal with conflict, we learn to live in alignment with our own, truest selves.


If we can achieve this, we move through life with clarity, confidence and peace.

We solve our problems and we find joy in the unfolding of life.  

If we ignore our conflicts, we ignore our own personal truth, and we suffer needlessly. 

Once you learn to manage conflict, wonderful things await you on the other side of it.


You will no longer be afraid of it, feel like an imposter because you dont know what to do or feel theatened about losing something. 


This impact is: your heart will thank you

You'll feel truly free, valuable, capable and powerful. 

You'll see how to use conflict wisely as an opportunity for growth, empowerment, respect, and creating unity.


Your vitality will soar and everything in your life will begin to reflect your unique, personal truth. 

Sound wonderful? 

It is!!  AND it's achievable. 

Want to learn how, call me. 




"I offer the combined wisdom of many years of studying and working with 1000's of people who have allowed me into their life--- in my work as a counsellor, mediator, conflict management expert, teacher and coach.  My unique experiences, both personal and professional,  have allowed me to develop a comprehensive toolkit of REAL SOLUTIONS that will help you achieve what you want in life, and business." 


For as long as I can remember, my world has been filled with questions about human behavior. I've always been deeply curious and wondered why people did what they did. Why were they that  particular way?  And.... How did they get that way? 

I became a social worker without even considering any other option. It was the next logical step to serve my fascination and quest to understand human behavior. I knew this when I was 10 years old and as they say, you don't choose the vocation, the vocation chooses you.

I studied and worked in adult mental health: in both inpatient and outpatient hospital settings; practicing individual, family and marital therapy. In these settings, I learned about the intertwining variables that maintain human behavior and what could be done to help people change.  


Next came family and commercial mediation because I was looking for more challenge in helping people to get unstuck.


Mediation was a more intense, action based process of solving complex problems in a shorter period of time. Intense emotions lived here too. I learned that when done properly, mediation and other forms of conflict management, could have the same transformative, restorative and healing effects that could be experienced through counselling. The coolest part was that it often took much less time and the changes could be immediate. 

More recently I became an executive coach because administrators, business owners & leaders I dealt with in conflict management and mediation, benefited from my practical wisdom.Sometimes it was negotiation strategy that I shared, and other times, it was life wisdom. Either way, I could see the positive impact when they changed something that was causing a problem for them, by receiving a practical idea that they were ready to hear. I became their confidential thinking and listening partner. 


The theme I've learned throughout my life and career is that people want to feel better. It's as simple as that. We want to create, contribute, achieve, and experience sustainable momentum towards our goals. We also want to have a strengthened sense of personal resilience so we can manage upsets and bounce back. Feeling better is about making progress. The task of living a fulfilling life is to simply keep up with what is required to expand into greater and greater fulfillment. No one gets to stop and stand still because life is always calling us to experience more and bring new personal goals to life. 

I would welcome the opportunity to help you gain clarity, confidence and peace along your path to greater fulfillment. The tools I can offer you are intended to save you time and unnecessary effort so you can experience increased joy and true fulfillment sooner in your life. 




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